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Biography: Andrea Giuliacci, (Rome, 1971) is a meteorologist and climatologist. A professor of atmospheric physics at the University of Milan, since 2002 he has edited forecasts for Mediaset news and Mattino Cinque. Author of books on meteorology and climatology and articles on the influences of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation phenomenon on the Italian climate, he is a member of the Climate Broadcasters Network – Europe.

Descriptive text of the book:
In recent decades, the climate on the entire planet has rapidly changed. It’s not just about winters deprived of the magic of snow in our latitudes-the effects are all-encompassing. But what will happen in the future? Andrea Giuliacci, a climatology scholar and TV face of weather, foresees what awaits us in every sphere “in the worst case scenario” that is, if we do nothing to mitigate global warming.

The North Pole may find itself ice-free (thus opening up new shipping lanes), while some exotic animal species will populate our Peninsula and cities will have to change color to be livable. The climate factor will also be decisive for geopolitical dynamics (the Pentagon considers it more dangerous than international terrorism), the economy, and finance, where stratospheric losses may be incurred. Agriculture will have to migrate: fine wines may come from around London or Scandinavia. They will also change social relationships and our behaviors: for example, violent crimes will increase and it will become almost impossible to play outdoor sports.

In short, everything is about to change, and it will happen mostly because of us, because we have filled the atmosphere with climate-altering substances. But implicit in this is the good news: by correcting our behaviors, we can avoid, at least in part, the scenarios described. That is why, in the final part of the book, Giuliacci presents the tools and policies we have available today to counter climate change, and the results we can credibly expect.