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Biography: Don Marco Pozza, Italian presbyter, writer, TV personality, TV author and journalist. A chaplain at the Due Palazzi prison in Padua, he has interviewed Pope Francis in four TV programs, dedicated respectively to the Our Father, Hail Mary,
To the Creed, vices and virtues.

Descriptive text of the book:
The Gospel has “words of unprecedented violence: their friction is feverish, their briefest synthesis is still a perpetual invitation to revolution. Revolutionize myself: ‘You can always start over!’ I am repeated one line, the next too.” Such a glimpse is disconcerting: “it seems that it is no longer the prodigal son who asks his Father for forgiveness; it seems (almost) that it is the Father who apologizes to the unruly son.
Pretending to be on the wrong side in order to recycle my shame.”
Fr. Marco Pozza’s new book is a year-long adventure in the company of the “word of God” that, from the first Sunday of Advent, is heard at festive Masses during liturgical year A, that of the Gospel of Matthew (with a few inserts from the Gospel of John). It is a book written with the drama of those who have lost God, those who can no longer find Him, and those who have not yet found Him.
Without hunger and thirst no fishing will begin: he who is cold-hearted, he who sleeps – he who has the sleep of a full belly – “does not take Christ.”
It is a book of horizontal digressions, digging deep, welcoming hospitality in the Sunday Gospels. “I share the Sundays out of my soul,” writes Fr. Marco.
“They are trips, vacations, excursions on the path that leads to Christ and his secret mysteries. When I leave the house, my life seems confused, intricate, somewhat unexpressed.
When I come back after meeting them, I seem to see it in HD, a little bit more in high definition.
I know myself a little better, I accept myself a little bit more.”