Enrico Galiano presents ONE LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH

Thursday 13 June 2024 - 9 p.m. - FREE ENTRANCE

Biography: Enrico Galiano (Pordenone 1977) is a teacher in a suburban school. He created the webseries Prof. Things, which has exceeded ten million views on Facebook. It kicked off the #poeteppist movement, flashmobs of students daubing cities with poems. In 2015 he was included in the list of the 100 best teachers in Italy by the website Masterprof.it.

The secret of a good teacher for him is, “They won’t listen to you if you don’t listen to them first.” Every once in a while, he takes his bicycle and rides around Europe with a backpack, a pen, and a longing for wonder. His novels include Yet We Fall Happy (2017), All the Life You Want (2018), Stronger than Any Goodbye (2019), The ‘Art of Getting It Wrong in a Big Way (2020), Happy Against the World (2021), School of Happiness for Eternal Repeaters (2022), and Geography of a Perfect Pain (2023) all published by Garzanti.

Descriptive text of the book:
When you long for something, be like the hummingbird: don’t be afraid to fall. In fact, learn to do it at full speed, and then climb back up.” This time, however, it seems impossible for Teo to climb back up: he flunked out of tenth grade, but more importantly, he did something really wrong, and now he will have to serve a summer of community service. He knows it is a just punishment, yet there is something inside him that he cannot keep at bay. Teo calls it the Thing precisely because he is unable to name it: he only knows that it is an enemy that is too strong and that he does not have the courage to tell anyone about. Certainly not to his parents, light years away, but not even to Peach, his best friend, the only one who can read his silences and fix his crooked days with music.

Everything changes when on a bench he meets an elderly gentleman who says he is a former professor named Francesco Bove. Day after day, the professor takes him to all sorts of places and talks to him about Greek myths and philosophers in words Teo has never heard: words that urge him not to give up, to ask the right questions, so that he can understand that he is not alone, that we are all in search of a reason for living, of a gift that makes us special. Only, to understand what it is, the only way is to never stop trying, to fail and try again, to cultivate the art of imperfection to bring out the masterpiece that lives within us. Even at the cost of discovering truths that frighten us, such as the end of a mysterious girl whom no one knows anything about anymore and whose story seems to want to tell Teo something. The author is back with one of his most beloved characters ever: Professor Bove from “Yet We Fall Happy.”

A novel about the fears that keep us from being happy: fears that should not be pushed away, but listened to. Because sometimes you have to go through the darkness to discover the wonder of a glimmer of light.