Camilla Ghiotto presents

lunedì 12 giugno 2023 - ore 20.30 - INGRESSO GRATUITO

Biography: Camilla Ghiotto, born in Vicenza, lives in Rome, where she studies Philosophy. This is his first novel. With writing of unusual sensitivity, he gives voice to a generation aware that it must fight battles different from those of the past, but no less decisive.

Descriptive text of the book:
It is never too late to learn how to be a child or to reconnect memory with the present. Renzo and Camilla are not just any father and daughter. Ninety-two years old he, seventeen years old she, a lifetime divides them, or even more than one. Of this man who already had gray hair when she was born, whom she never saw as young and strong as her friends’ fathers, Camilla was always a little ashamed.

And so, when Renzo falls seriously ill and is admitted to a clinic from which it is soon clear that he will never return home, Camilla has the unmentionable feeling that she can finally dive into the future without looking back. But her father’s illness confronts her with the realization that you can’t build anything without first coming to terms with your roots, that you can’t lose someone without trying to get to know them, and that maybe she still has some time left to really be his daughter. So he will begin to search the past to discover the boy Renzo was so many years before, when the war was inflaming Italy, young men were climbing mountains, shooting, starving and freezing, trying every day and every night to make sense of their actions.

The time when Renzo was ‘Storm,’ commander of a partisan brigade. For Camilla, reclaiming family history and a collective memory that has not stopped vibrating will mean finding a new perspective to open up to the world, to others, and to love. With writing of unusual sensitivity, capable of ambushing and always revealing new corners of being, Camilla Ghiotto gives voice to a generation aware that it has to fight battles different from those of the past, but no less decisive. Because freedom is never won once and for all.