Giuseppe Cruciani presents

domenica 11 giugno 2023 - ore 20.45 - INGRESSO GRATUITO

Biography: Giuseppe Cruciani, born in 1966 in Rome, has lived in Milan for more than 20 years and hosts La Zanzara, a cult program on Radio 24. Together with David Parenzo, he has created a space of freedom where everyone can say and tell what they want, especially when it comes to sex and intimate parts.

Descriptive text of the book:
Giuseppe Cruciani tells in his own way, without prejudice, with irony and a lot of curiosity, those unstable objects that are couples. Two people who are together walk like a tightrope walker, any lurch can cause a thunderous fall. Yet, many dodge stumbles and find their own point of stability. In these contemporary “love rallies,” Cruciani listens to the voices of couples young and old, near or far, recounting their whims, daily surprises, sex and love, excesses and habits. An unprecedented handbook against the attrition of the modern couple, challenging the arguments of even the most ardent skeptics.