Eliana Liotta presents LIFE IS NOT A RACE

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 9 p.m. - FREE ENTRANCE

Biography: Eliana Liotta is the author of successful books, such as The Smartfood Diet, in collaboration with the European Institute of Oncology (IEO), translated in more than 20 countries, Age is Not the Same for Everyone, Trials of Happiness, and The Food that Will Save Us (the ecological turn at the table to help the planet and health), from which she has adapted five monologues aired on Rai 1. A lecturer in scientific publishing at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan, he signs two weekly columns in Corriere della Sera (onIo Donna and on the Sunday health pages) and directs the monthly Benessere.He conceived and directs the Scienze per la vita editorial series at Sonzogno (Marsilio Feltrinelli group). Awards include the Montale prize for non-fiction and the Premiolino, Italy’s oldest journalism award.

Descriptive text of the book:
Everyone’s private and professional life resembles a continuous race, between work, family commitments and, often, also the leisure time chock-full of tasks that crowd our days. But this maddening pace, which appears to us to be indispensable, has deleterious effects on our physical health, and on our serenity. This essay, based on scientific research conducted in collaboration with specialists from the University and San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, teaches us to discover the small daily gestures we can make to give our bodies back the time to perform at their best.

Because rest is not synonymous with laziness, far from it: respecting our body’s rhythm helps us live better, longer, achieving better results in all areas. Eliana Liotta teaches how to choose, for example, the right times of the day to eat and sleep, explains how to synchronize our body’s different clocks, or stimulate our allied hormones, and dispels false and dangerous myths. It suggests how to strike a balance between routine and improvisation at work, and how to learn to take advantage of the reliefs that are naturally available to us and that are also a panacea for our health: outdoor activity, hugs from friends, escapism in everyone’s passions. A book that brings together the most reliable scientific opinions, with practical examples and advice suitable for everyone, to bring about the most beautiful change on oneself: the happiness revolution.