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Biography: Matteo Strukul is an Italian author. Discovered by Massimo Carlotto, he published at Edizioni e/o The Ballad of Mila (winner of the 2011 Valpolicella Special Award and semifinalist in the 2011 Scerbanenco Award) and also wrote the script for the comic strip Red Dread (Lateral Publish 2012), based on the adventures of the heroine of his first novel, Mila Zago, drawn by Alessandro Vitti and winner of the 2012 Narnia Lion Award for Best Italian Serial Comic.
Graduate in Law and PhD in European Contract Law, contributor to “Il Mattino di Padova,” “La nuova di Venezia e Mestre,” and “La tribuna di Treviso.” He also conceived and founded Sugarpulp, a Veneto literary movement that has received the blessing of Joe R. Lansdale and Victor Gischler, as well as artistic director of the Sugarpulp Festival. He directs Revolver, a new publishing brand of Edizioni BD dedicated to noir. His books include the saga of The Medici(A Dynasty in Power,winner of the 2017 Bancarella Prize, A Man in Power, A Queen in Power and Decadence of a Family), The carousel of broken flowers. The case of the exterminating angel, Knights of the North and Dante enigma. In 2018, Renaissance, genius and power from the Medicis to the Borgias (Mondadori) was released. In collaboration with cartoonist Andrea Mutti, he wrote the Vlad saga, published by Feltrinelli. Of 2021 Dante enigma and of 2022 The Venice Cemetery the first investigation of Giovanni Antonio Canal, known as Canaletto, both published by Newton Compton. In 2022, Paolo & Francesca comes out for North-South, and in 2023. Marianne. I am the nun of Monza.

Descriptive text of the book THE CRIPTA OF VENICE:
Venice, 1732. The corpse of a young woman is found in the crypt of St. Zacharias Church. Someone smashed her mouth with a brick, wedging it between her jaws. The horror of such a gruesome crime shocks the Serenissima all the more because the maiden is a Mocenigo, the family to which the doge, now dying of venerable age, also belongs. Giovanni Antonio Canal, known as Canaletto, is called to his bedside, since the brutality of the crime seems to recall the bloody deeds of three and seven years earlier, those committed by Olaf Teufel, whom the great painter himself investigated, in spite of himself, with his lifelong friends: the Irish theatrical impresario Owen McSwiney and the British art dealer Joseph Smith. The three begin to investigate, but when a second corpse, once again a member of the Mocenigo family-killed in the same manner as the first victim-is found near the crypt of the church of San Simeon Piccolo, the situation spirals into an orgy of grief and dark violence. Canaletto and his friends will have to fight not only to discover the truth but also for their own lives….

Descriptive text of the book THE DARK DEATH OF ANDREA PALLADIO:
Vicenza, February 14, 1569. Leonidas di Andrea della Gondola, an intemperate and troubled young man, attends the Valentine’s Day party at the palace of Alexander Camera and, amid melodious dancing and rich banquets, seduces the wife of the master of the house. A fierce quarrel broke out between the two men during which Alexander Camera was stabbed to death. But what looks like yet another bloody quarrel in Renaissance Vicenza turns out to be a much bigger deal. Leonidas in fact is the son of Andrea Palladio, the most famous architect of the Serenissima. And at the very moment of his artistic prime, for Andrew, a faithful father and husband, the daily challenge becomes protecting Leonidas and the rest of the family, because in the city of feuds, the Inquisition and the plague that leaves no escape, no one is safe. The legendary architect will have to come to terms with events that will mark him deeply until the end of his days. In a whirlwind of twists and turns, memorable characters, love affairs, intrigue and revenge, Matteo Strukul wisely insinuates himself into the chiaroscuro of History, shedding new light on Palladio’s enigmatic death and composing a portrait filled with passion and humanity.