Fabio Marchese Ragona presents PAPA FRANCIS – LIFE – My story in history

venerdì 10 maggio 2024 - ore 21.00 - INGRESSO LIBERO

Biography: is a vaticanist for the Mediaset Group. He graduated from Rome with a degree in communication science first in December 2004 and then in December 2006. Later, in Milan, he attended the two-year master’s program in journalism at the IULM Multimedia Campus – Mediaset. After internships at Rai and SkyTg24, he arrived at Mediaset, where he has worked since December 2008. He has worked at “Studio Aperto,” “News Mediaset,” “Tgcom24,” “Tg4” and “Videonews,” the Mediaset news outlet that produces the news programs for Channel 5, Italia Uno and Retequattro. In April 2019, he returned to News Mediaset, where he serves as Vatican editor-in-chief, following the Pope for Tg5, Tg4, Studio Aperto, and Tgcom24, an all-news channel within which he hosts and edits the “Stanze Vaticane” column every Sunday).

Descriptive text of the book:
In January 2021, he conducted a world-exclusive interview with Pope Francis broadcast by “Speciale TG5” under the title “The World I Want” and watched by 5.5 million viewers. In December of the same year, he signed the Tg5 special “Francis and the Invisible – The Pope Meets the Last,” featuring the Pontiff answering questions from a mother who was a victim of domestic violence, a homeless woman, a lifer and a student.He also collaborates, as a Vaticanist, with the daily The Newspaper. In the past, he has written (of Vatican and non-Vatican) for Panorama, The Express, Il Foglio (Saturday ediz.), Corriere della Sera Magazine, Wired.it, Repubblica.it and Vatican Insider – La Stampa.

In recounting here for the first time the story of his life, traced through the events that have marked humanity over the past eighty years, Pope Francis shares the origins of those ideas that many consider bold and that mark his pontificate: from bold statements against poverty and environmental destruction, to direct exhortations to world leaders to chart a different course on issues such as dialogue among peoples, the arms race, and the fight against inequality. From the outbreak of World War II in 1939 when the future Pontiff was almost three years old to the present day, Jorge Mario Bergoglio takes readers by the hand, accompanying them with his memories along an extraordinary journey through the decades.

The voice of the Pope, with his very personal memoirs, alternates with that of a narrator who in each chapter reconstructs the historical scenario in which they are set. In the Pontiff’s words, “LIFE sees the light so that, especially the younger generation, can listen to the voice of an elderly person and reflect on what our planet has experienced, so that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated. Think, for example, of the wars that have plagued and are plaguing the world. Think of genocides, persecutions, hatred between brothers and sisters of different religions! How much pain! Having reached a certain age, it is important, even for ourselves, to reopen the book of memories and make remembrance: to learn by looking back in time, to find the things that are not good, the toxic things we have experienced along with the sins we have committed, but also to relive all that good God has sent us.

It is an exercise in discernment that we should all do before it is too late!”