Paola Barbato presents

giovedì 22 giugno 2023 - ore 20.45 - INGRESSO GRATUITO

Biography: Paola Barbato, born in 1971, is Milanese by birth, Brescia by adoption, lent to Verona where she lives with her partner, three daughters and two dogs. Writer and screenwriter of comic books, including Dylan Dog, and children’s books. He has published Bilico, Naked Hands (winner of the Scerbanenco Prize), The Red Thread, Scripta Manent, I Do Nothing to You, The Last Guest, and The Bad Way.

Descriptive text of the book:
“It was my heart. It wasn’t me.” With these words, and a bloody knife in his hands, the man greets the police. Everyone knows him, he is a journalist who has always covered crime news, the only person to whom many criminals have decided to give an interview. A man of integrity, calm, esteemed. Who has now become a brutal murderer. Monster.

Inspector Flavia Mariani is a tough and uncompromising woman, she does not have many friends but in her work she has always been one of the best, perhaps to prove to the world, and even to herself, that a woman in the police force can be worth more than a man. When she visits the murderer in the prison infirmary, she is prepared for the typical behaviors of those like him: silence, lying, and invention. Instead, the reality returned to her is exactly what the initial findings established: the manner of the attack, the times and places. But something does not convince her.

Why does he talk about his own heart as if it were an entity other than himself? And why are there signs of persecution and threats in his house? The answer, or at least an early clue, is in the man’s safe in the form of a paper. The man had undergone a heart transplant and the donor was Valerio Felici, a serial killer who had acted undisturbed for years until his accidental death.

Only months later, evidence of his crimes had been accidentally found. Apparently too late to prevent his heart from continuing to live in another’s body. And would in turn make him a murderer. But the heart is not the only organ to have been donated, and now Flavia must find the others. To save them. Or to stop them.