Matteo Bussola presents

giovedì 22 giugno 2023 - ore 20.45 - INGRESSO GRATUITO

Bio: Matteo Bussola, (Verona, 1971) has published for Einaudi the best-selling Notti in bianco, baci a colazione, (2016 and 2018), translated in many countries, Sono puri i loro sogni (2017), La vita fino a te (2018 and 2019), L’invenzione di noi due (2020 and 2022), Il tempo di tornare a casa (2021) and Il rosmarino non capisce l’inverno (2022). For Salani he published the children’s book Viola and the Blue (2021). He hosts a radio program on Radio 24.

Descriptive text of the book:
Sometimes life hits you until it throws you to the ground. No one ever thinks that in staying down lies the possibility of a new perspective. But what if indeed surrender allows the redemption of unexpected happiness? Few have been able to portray male fragility without stereotyping or shaming.

Matteo Bussola has the courage to do this with the same candor and humanity with which, in his last book, he showcased women resisting pain. A father in neuropsychiatry with his teenage son discovers that to be a parent is to welcome the wound of the one you gave birth to. A boy carves poems on his skin with a box cutter: it is the only way he feels he exerts control. An elderly man cares for his Alzheimer’s patient wife, wondering what is left of love when those we love disappear.

A hikikomori falls madly in love, but doesn’t know how to have a relationship without ever leaving home. A husband cheats on his wife even though he loves her because he fears the “modesty of happiness.” Men of all ages, cracked, dejected, who precisely in indulging failure find new, more authentic meaning.Despite the prejudice and suffering involved in unhinging the myth of strength to which they have been forced to conform for millennia. Men who lay down their arms and finally surrender to a new life. Because, as Hemingway wrote, “the world breaks everyone, and then many are strong precisely in the broken places.”