Oscar Farinetti presents.

Biography: Oscar Farinetti, was born in Alba in 1954. An entrepreneur, he is world-renowned for founding Eataly and launching the new Green Pea project. He wrote Coccodé (Giunti, 2009), Seven Moves for Italy (Giunti 2011), with Shigeru Hayashi Stories of Courage (Mondadori 2013). For Slow Food Publisher in 2020 he brought out his biggest publishing success, Serendipity.

Descriptive text of the book:
When faced with a crisis, which then simply means a choice, one must decide and resolutely take a path, while preserving a space for doubt so that, if one makes a mistake, one can come back at full speed to take the previously discarded path. And, usually, this fortitude is typical of optimists, people who can make a decision and measure themselves against time in a healthy way. Hence the title resolving a quintessential dilemma, yet not neglecting the possibility of reconsideration (…perhaps). Just as an optimist or optimist would do. Examples are the 52 stories, written one a week throughout the year by the author and to be read, depending on whether one wants to devour or savor them, in a short rather than an extended time. These are pages that recount famous events and personalities from a completely different perspective, from Leonardo’s optimism toward the unfinished that reminded him of the importance of trying rather than succeeding, to Manzoni’s crises in the face of drafts of The Betrothed, also typical of optimists. Mingled with the great characters, however, are everyday figures (peasants of the Fenoglian Langa, letter carriers, talking chickens) who suggest how optimism can be a life choice for everyone, for richer or poorer. A choice, one would say, of happiness.